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At Idiag, scientists from various disciplines develop innovative ideas. Our mission is to implement these in products that are ready for the market.


„Letting brilliant research results go unused? We make sure that applications are found for them and that they can be used to boost people’s health.“
Cesare Mannhart, Head of Business Development, Idiag AG

Curiosity is what drives us.
Idiag sees itself as a builder of bridges between invention centres and the market. Emanating from Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, untapped potential is evaluated and developed further, step by step, to the point of commercial maturity – always in close cooperation with leading universities, such as ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

„Ambitious goals can only be achieved with top people on all levels.“
Kurt Glaus, CEO Idiag, AG

Diversity is our strength.
The Idiag team, comprising various specialists, takes scientific ideas with great potential and develops them into medical technology products – whereby the goal is always to boost people’s health, their performance and thus their quality of life as a whole.

„Ehrgeizige Ziele lassen sich nur mit Spitzenleuten auf allen Ebenen erreichen.“
Kurt Glaus, CEO Idiag AG

Diversität ist unsere Stärke
Das Idiag-Team, das aus unterschiedlichen Spezialisten besteht, entwickelt aus wissenschaftlichen Ideen mit grossem Potential medizinaltechnische Produkte – immer mit dem Ziel, die Gesundheit, die Leistungsfähigkeit und somit gesamte Lebensqualität der Menschen zu fördern.

„Customer support is like jogging: performance that calls for enthusiasm!“
Reto Glaus, Head of Production and Logistics, Idiag AG

We are passionate about health and motion.
Idiag’s business objectives match the lifestyles of the Idiag team committed to them. Active hobby athletes are on board, as well as nutrition-conscious gourmets.


Kurt Glaus

Andri Feldmann
Product Management

Cees Roording

Cesare Mannhart
Head of Business Development

Dr. Corina Schaer
Research & Development

Thomas Urban
Branch Manager Idiag GmbH (DE)

Thomas Nydegger
Head of Product Management

Stefan Schmidt
Support & Sales

Reto Glaus

Mirko Kaiser
Software Development

Janinne Schmid
Administration & Marketing

Edith Chevrier
Software Development

Dr. Lucio Carlucci
Support & Sales

Philip Rüegg

Veronika Marreck

Laura Rijks


Norbert Albin
President of the Board

Kurt Glaus
CEO and Delegate of the Board

Arno Catrina
Member of the Board

Armin Donhauser
Member of the Board

Daniel Zehntner
Member of the Board


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